Friday, 27 September 2013

Affordable Limo Service Vancouver

Limos are most affordable transportation mean these days. Limos add class and style in your traveling. Renting a Vancouver limo is not as expensive as it used to be little while ago.  In many cases it can be even cheaper than taking a taxi. Just for example if you and 4 more of your friends want to go out clubbing in Vancouver. Getting all in one taxi is not possible. Two taxis will cost you more than one limo in Vancouver. Now call any limo company like Destiny limousine.   They will do this trip for up to 8 people at cost of $264 return including tax and tip. This way all of you can travel together and in style. Most of the Vancouver limo Rental companies offer free water and soft drinks in the limo. They will pick you up from home and drop of night club of your choice. You can set time for return trip and save time and hassles of running and flagging after taxis. There is no better way than traveling in a Vancouver limo.

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